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I have been primarily a filmmaker for many years, and have always been interested in the junction between still photography and motion pictures. This has now led me to produce BREATH, my first series to capture motion in stills. My two photography awards, Second Place Black and White from Le Jour newspaper in Ottawa/Hull and Honourable Mention as one of the finalists in the Kodak International Newspaper Photography Awards show in New York, were for my first “captured motion” image, RIDING CAROUSEL. BREATH was awarded First Place Still Photography at Kempenfest, Huronia Festival, 2013.


Kodak International Newspaper Photography Award for RIDING CAROUSEL - Honourable Mention
Finalist, feature-length documentary, American Film Festival
Genie Nomination for first feature (Claude Jutra Award)


films, stills, media services


Our Mission

To engage our audience with stories and images, of the past and present, to create a vision for the future.



Audacine Inc. is a film, photography, media and communications company focusing on the "moving image" founded by Mary Jane Gomes.


Our Business

We are a studio-based communications company that produces independent film, media and photographic works.

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Artist's Statement

As a filmmaker, the junction between still imagery and motion pictures fascinates me. Traditionally, the still is seen as a “moment in time” and the moving image is really born of multiple stills creating the illusion of motion when projected rapidly. Still photography and motion pictures are related but separate art forms.

Capturing motion within a still quite literally blurs the line between the static image and the moving picture to record a passing moment, to track a gesture, to trace a caress, all evoked by the subject.

To achieve this takes contemplation and time for play – time and play enough for the movement or gesture to mesh with the qualities of composition and light, so as to coalesce in an image that intentionally breaks through its static limits offer a glimpse of one of those magic moments when nature reveals its near intangible qualities and sparks in us an awe of the immeasurable, the incalculable, the unfixed, something akin to its breath, mid-stream, like ours.

The abstraction in these images is the result of a single shot each time. The joy of taking stills suggestive of motion lies for me in the fact that each image is captured purely through the lens. I see a distinct difference between images that originate in the real world and those that begin there but are abstracted after the fact with the help of computer software. The former express themselves in my response as an artist to my subject at that moment, and are more tangibly connected to the senses and to impulse – more emotive than intellectual.

As I work, I become aware that I am painting with light. Abstraction allows these images to take on the qualities of paintings, yet the power of each image lies in it being precisely what it is – a photograph. When we remove the boxes or borders around things and allow ourselves to feel their expressed space, they define themselves as they breathe.

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